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Located in the hotel FALEZA by Vega Galati, Bonjour Café is a chic location, bright undulations Danube, where everyone is welcome.

Bonjour Café

Situated inside FALEZA hotel by Vega Galati, the café is a stylish location lit by the Danube waves, a place which you can call home, where everybody is welcomed. Unique products with special recipes, fresh ground flavored coffee, friendly staff and comfortable furniture, you can find it all only at Bonjour Café. All of these, and especially the menu, the decent prices, the carefully selected wines and the good coffee can make you an addicted …

Enjoy coffee at its home!

Although a smoking a location, the cafe is fitted with smoke extractors and air conditioning, therefore you may never be bothered by cigarette smoke. You can relax with friends watching the major sport events at the 2 TV displays. Periodically we organize evenings with live music and young local artists.